Start Your Ovens!

Start your ovens, everyone! The Great Galactic Bake Off has begun!

Clicking on the cookie will bake your team a single cookie, and solving puzzles will grant your team a large number of cookies. As your team reaches certain cookie thresholds, more puzzles will be unlocked.

The first team to reach a billion cookies wins! Happy baking everyone!

Hunt Has Been Won

We would like to inform you that team COOKIECOOKIECOOKIE has obtained the one billion cookies needed to win the hunt.

The winning team has graciously provided us with a new puzzle, which we are distributing as a consolation prize.

As a reminder, we will keep submissions open until Monday, March 26 at 3:14 AM EDT.

Suspicious Behavior

We were unable to contact team COOKIECOOKIECOOKIE to claim the one billion cookies that they baked. Moreover, we found that the team did not even solve a single puzzle, which is very much against the spirit of the hunt.

This is an unprecedented situation that we had not foreseen. While we are investigating this suspicious behavior, we would greatly appreciate if you can help us identify who this team is, perhaps by investigating the consolation prize in detail.

Important Information

Thank you for your information. We have confirmed that the team COOKIECOOKIECOOKIE is in fact the Cookie Monster!

It seems like his goal is to get all the cookies in the whole universe, which significantly jeopardizes our ability to eat cookies in the future. Our current priority is to stop him from acquiring more cookies.

Also, the Cookie Monster does not seem content with only chocolate chip cookies. He has started stockpiling Chessmen, Fortune Cookies, and Animal Crackers as well, so we need to fight him on all fronts!

To have any chance of stopping the Cookie Monster, you will need to think like him: amass your own collection of each of these cookies. Each type of cookie will provide you with valuable information as to the Cookie Monster’s whereabouts, along with a powerful ability you will ultimately need to defeat him.

Good luck with your endeavor.

Find the Cookie Monster!

Congratulations on solving all three meta puzzles. You now have enough information to defeat the Cookie Monster. Reports indicate that he is at the Great Galactic Bakery. Find him, and stop him from producing any more cookies. This is our only chance!

Defeat the Cookie Monster!

Good job on finding the Cookie Monster—and the Great Galactic Oven! It is time to use the abilities you’ve unlocked to defeat him and take away ALL of his cookies! Yes, we must leave him with zero total cookies. We cannot risk any chance of this happening ever again.


You did it! You brought the Cookie Monster down to 0 cookies, and saved us from the cookie apocalypse. Congratulations on finishing the hunt!

Unfortunately, all of our cookies are being used to help rebuild the cookie economy in the aftermath of the Cookie Monster’s rampage, so we are unable to award you the prize of 1 billion cookies.

Instead, we hope this certificate will serve as an adequate replacement!