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Let's look back on some of the Puzzleball teams, from the best to the worst.

City containing the seat of government, or funds meant for investment (2|3)

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  • Goal's lost; heard a pulse; a problem's solution (9)


    On the subject of Houses

    • Both Freya and Tristan live next to Charles.
    • Charles has a yellow house.
    • Houses painted with complementary colors aren't neighbors.
    • Rachel lives as far away as possible from Stephanie.
    • Rachel's color mixed with Charles' color gives Freya's color.
    • Stephanie's house color is not blue.
    • The green house is next to Michelle's house, which she just painted purple.
    • The person in the blue house can see Charles' house to the right of Freya's.
    • There is one house of each color, and exactly one person lives in each house.
    • Tristan lives in the red house.

    On the subject of Fruit

    • Freya has 3 oranges.
    • If A's color mixed with B's color gives C's color, then the number of fruits that C has is equal to the number of fruits that A and B have together.
    • Rachel has the fewest number of fruit, which are strawberries.
    • The red house grows apples. There are fewer apples than kiwis.
    • There are 24 fruits in all.
    • There are double the number of pumpkins as oranges.
    • Tomatoes are a fruit.

    On the subject of Roses

    • Exactly one green rose doesn't touch any red roses.
    • From left to right, these roses appear in this order, but not necessarily consecutively: Yellow, Green, Green, Blue, Purple.
    • One color of rose does not appear at all.
    • Red and green are the most common roses, and appear 3 times each.
    • Red roses never border blue or purple roses.
    • The roses in the middle of the left and right halves are both green.
    • The sequence Green, Red, Red, Green appears somewhere in the row of roses.
    • There is one purple rose in the left half and one blue rose in the right half.

    He almost tramples a sweeper in 2017's video.

    Role-player on stage or in a movie (5)

    Singer Christina of “Genie in a Bottle” (8)

    “That's what real love _______ to—letting a person be what he really is.” (7)

    Perform in a role in the first time, or the performance itself (5)

    Maiden name of Leopold II's best-known mistress (9)

    Period of time when water is receding, or a 1953 song (3 4)

    Eight hours before noon (4 2)

    When repeated, a song popularized by The Kingsmen (5)

    An archaic way to refer to an upper-class citizen, or a song by Edith Piaf (6)

    Body of water on one end of the Kerch Strait (3 2 4)

    A small, decorative carpet that can be easily moved (5 3)

    To make effective use of, in Britain (7)

    (This one is tough so we'll help you get started: Cetus should be assigned the letter “I”.)

    Like Dunnhumby, for dart throwers!

    3, 4

    First, stare down the chamber's entrance to test your bravery. (7)












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    [ALL] Summoner (Zilean): That explosion made literally no sound! Did it do anything, or is it just going through the motions?