Make Your Own Fillomino

Erratum: We’re aware of a bug in this puzzle that causes the checker to fail on grids with no given numbers greater than 3. We haven’t yet had time to fix the issue, but it’s affected only a few teams so far. If the form below is rejecting a submission you believe to be correct, please contact us via email or hint request (you won’t be charged for a hint) and we’ll get you unstuck. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Hello puzzle solvers! Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish this puzzle in time because it required making a Fillomino puzzle, and none of us wanted to do that. So, instead of cutting the puzzle entirely, we decided to push that work onto you!

To help us out, we want you to make a 10x10 Fillomino puzzle with the following constraints:

  1. Your puzzle must have a unique solution.
  2. There must be at most 36 given numbers in your puzzle. All givens must be a single digit that is not equal to 4 (i.e. the allowed givens are 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9).
  3. In your puzzle’s unique solution, there must be exactly 8 tetrominos (regions with area 4). Out of these 8 tetrominos, there must be exactly 2 each of the L, I, S, and T tetrominos (pictured below). Rotations and reflections are allowed, so for example an L tetromino has 8 possible orientations.

Submit your Fillomino below as a string of 100 characters, using “-” for blank squares. For example, the following 3x3 puzzle would be “-1-3---1-”:

Once we get a fillomino that meets all of the requirements, we’ll be able to finish up this puzzle.