An Eccentric Crossword

  • Religious ceremony
    Trig. function
  • Self-satisfied
    Bluefin, e.g.
    Insatiable desire
  • Speaks in a grating voice
    A 2-2 score, say
    One may be green, black, or pinto
  • Jai _____
    Banjo player Fleck
    North African capital
  • Smooth-talking
    Christmas song
    Emit coherent light
  • “Gallant” pig
    Fortune tellers
    At the summit of
  • Like half the planets in our solar system
    Back part of a shoe
    Fertile soil
  1. Half of a hi-hat
  2. Word with pig or fowl
  3. Bestows
  4. Three-in-one, theologically
  5. Mom’s sister
  6. Vocalist
  7. Quantity in a cocktail
  8. Countenance
  9. Fish coating, often with beer
  10. Sheepdog breed
  11. Versailles sight
  12. Donut shape, in mathematics
  13. Soak up
  14. Rubeola spot